The Google’s OS is perhaps the best product from Google Inc. At least, its users are more than its Google+ social networking site! The best part of Android apps is that most of them come for free, a big thank you to its developers. No doubt Android OS is taking up major shares in the smartphone, and tablet market all over the world with an app store growing at an enormous rate every day. Out of those millions of apps, here is our hand-picked list of top 20 best and free Android apps in 2013 which you must try! There’s something unique about each one of them which sets them apart from other million apps available in the Google Play Store.

  1.    OnLive

Turn your android into a live gaming console with the OnLive app. The app will use Wi-Fi to stream video games and let you play seamlessly.

  1.    eBay

The latest version of eBay Android apps looks cool and sleek. These is a new PIN system with which you can shop on Android eBay and pay instantly via PayPal. The search features are awesome.

  1.    RD Mute

Ever wondered how to make your phone shut up? You have the RD Mute Android apps for this. It will turn off all sounds when you pick it up and turn it around.

  1.    Blogger

If you are a blogger using Google’s Blogger platform, this is a must have android app. You can upload posts, add images, add tags, do geo-tagging and make it live. However, do not expect fancy photo-editing features.

  1.    Endomondo

If you are somewhat of a fitness freak, use the Endomondo application. Whenever you are going for a walk or jogging, activate the GPS and let it track the workout. In the end, it will give you a map of distance walked, for instance, and share it on social networks.

  1.    Amazon Kindle

If you have an Amazon account and you are voracious reader, install the Kindle app as it works as an immensely satisfying e-reader which is seamlessly synched with the Amazon account. At present, not all publications are Android friendly.

  1.    Google Reader

Google recently released its app for Reader with some great functionality like multiple Google account support, optimization options and a volume rocker page.

  1.    iPlayer

If you want to follow BBC news and other updates, use their android apps, iPlayer. It brings their content on your phone seamlessly.

  1.    Tweet Deck

Avid Twitter users will love this app. The tool works wonderfully on Android. You can see direct messages, replies and timeline simultaneously. You can also access Foursquare and Facebook.

  1.  eBuddy Messenger

If you want to remain connected with friends and business associates all the time, use the eBuddy Messenger android app. You can incorporate MySpace, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ and Facebook chat on one interface.

  1.  Dropbox

Who doesn’t love Dropbox? Now you can have it on your android. It might not have swanky features seen on desktop and laptops but it still offers automated file storing and sharing. What more could you want?

  1.  SharePrice

It is not possible to stay online constantly and check out the share market. What you could do is install the Share Price android apps and monitor it incessantly. To access this, you need to have an account with

  1.  Catch Notes

Install this app, login with Google account and start jotting down notes. It is similar to the Evernote app. You can pin the notes on the home screen and share them online, anytime.

  1.  Path

If you are itching to try out a new social network, try Path. It is designed to communicate and share with friends in a more easy-to-use interface.

  1.  Yelp

Yelp android app is innovative. It has an augmented �?reality screen display’ that will show you recent and relevant social place reviews from your area.

  1.  Chrome

The most favorite of web browsers is on Android now. You need Android 4.0 to run this. The Chrome on Android can sync tabs, save pages offline, go incognito, bookmark pages and open unlimited tabs.

  1.  TED Talks

If you are a fan of TED Talks, install their android apps which gives you access to more than 1000 TED talks.

  1.  Netflix

If you are a movie buff, you could use the Netflix android app. Search and watch any movie online. If you sync it with a desktop, you can pick up where you left off and also share movie watching activities over Facebook.

  1.  Wikipedia

Access the mammoth reserve of human information on your Android now with the Wiki app. The interface is simple, location tracking enabled and offline option to read information later.

  1.  Outlook

If you are a Hotmail or Outlook email user, you can use this app. It has a clean and simple interface with push notification and ability to jingle multiple email accounts.

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