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When you are in need of listening to music or any audio/video file, and you do not want to turn your laptop on or the radio on, you can just pull out your media device from your pocket and enjoy non-stop music playing on the iPod touch. The iPod touch is a good device that allows you not just to listen to music, but also watch videos, connect to the internet, use the device in place of many other gadgets due to the availability of apps and so on.

The iPod touch is available in its newest version in the market in a price starting from 299$ and so on. The device looks just like the iPhone except that it does not have telecom services compatibility. However, with the help of online facilities for Skype, Oovoo, GTalk and MSN messenger etc, you can communicate as well. The iPod touch is a media player that can store around 40,000 media files along with the ability to capture 40 hours of a regular video film. You can also use it in place of your house assistant and look for cooking recipes and stuff on it with Wi-Fi facility so you can surprise your family each day with new dishes.

For the iPod touch, you need to note down some good tips so that you can utilize the device fully. As it is a new version, you need to make sure that you know every inch of it, and the manual will not help much as it does not tell you about the hidden features. Before you buy it, make sure you are capable of protecting it, as it is a very delicate gadget. Buy the iPod touch cases and covers to make sure you are ready to adopt it. The tips are as under:

1) Turn the auto-brightness feature on from its settings menu under the device management tab. This way you will be able to save the battery life much. The light is one way to enhance the use of the battery for long. The auto brightness feature will adjust the exposure of the screen while in any frequency of light you are in so there is no glaring affect from the screen and that you are able to see what you are doing clearly on your iPod even under the dimmest of light or under the heavy sun.

2) Keeping the Wi-Fi turned off at places you do not want to use the internet connection is another way to keep the iPod awake for long. As the device will only connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot when it is available and you know it, then just turning off the automatic scanning for the Wi-Fi every other minute will be good for your device. In addition, you can save your device form automatically connected to a spambot and getting data transferred automatically without you knowing about it so the device will be safe as well.

3) Make the iPod touch safer for children as they may be able to do a lot with an online connection on the iPod. You can disable the features of buying apps from iTunes and signing out of the apple account. You can also put restrictions on the iPod usage by downloading safety apps that may lock certain features of the iPod as well. In the settings menu you can do all this stuff. Explore the settings menu for restrictions.

For more tips, go online, there are any books online for free that you can get from iTunes easily for the tips and the hidden features’ usage for the iPod. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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