Sooner or later, the parents of any child the question is which phone is better suited for children. Age bracket in which to buy this phone constantly dropping, and today it is not 10 years, but rather 7 or even 6 years. And if the preschooler purchase a first phone associated with the parents ‘ wishes at any time to be able to contact him, for a person who already goes to school, and in 2018 it is better to pay attention to the smartphone. First, their cost is constantly decreasing and today for very little money you can buy a quite adequate solution to the problem. Secondly, the school the child inevitably begins to act in his environment and it is important that the son or daughter does not feel an outcast among his peers. Usually, all online tips on buying a phone for a child are reduced to technical characteristics, safety and price, but there are other, equally important side of the issue, which are silent. Try to study the problem from different sides.

Remember that the child is not an adult

Don’t waste on a smartphone for a child more money than you are willing to lose

Buying a smartphone for your child, it is worth remembering that it’s a child, so you must always be prepared for the loss of the device. Adults also lose their phones, drop them and render useless. But with the child the likelihood of loss grows significantly. He could lose his phone, he can select expensive phone bullies, finally, children often adults can cause damage to the apparatus in consequence of careless treatment. So plan the budget for the purchase so the loss of the phone does not impact on your wallet. Of course, children are all different, but if your child is able to quickly break the phone, you should pay attention to protected models — they are more resistant to decline and usually, protected from moisture and dust (learn protection class — sometimes it’s just raindrops and not on the complete immersion of the device in the water).

To determine the protection class of the devices used by IP Code -International Protection Marking. The markings look as IPxx, where the first digit represents protection against penetration of objects (e.g. dust and dirt), the second to protection against water. The higher the number, the higher the protection class. The most popular codes of protection IP67 and IP68. The first provides complete protection against dust and short immersion in water to a depth of one meter, while not provided for work under water. The second implies the possibility of operation of the device when immersed in water is not more than half an hour. Please note that we are talking about fresh water. To take pictures of the sea, immersing the smartphone in the water, even with such protection is not recommended.

Talk about buying with child
Smartphone “doesn’t have to be friends” is able to develop an inferiority complex

Always keep in mind that for children the opinions of others (friends and classmates) about their phone may be much more important than for adults. Even if you do not care what you have a smartphone (as it is expensive and modern), it does not mean that everything is exactly the same for your child. You don’t want to feel inferior among their friends. Of course, there is no universal advice cannot be — it all depends on environment and upbringing. At least, to discuss with him what smartphones are its peers and which brands and models are considered to be “their” in their environment. Modern children are very often interested in the equipment and technology much more than their parents. For them social status may be much more important because at their age it is still difficult to stand out with something other than their items, clothes and accessories. Which, of course, does not mean that you need to buy the latest iPhone model, if the peers they are. A balanced approach to buying and explain to the child why you do so. It is important to convey what your love has nothing to do with the cost and capabilities of its personal device. Besides the low cost smartphone for the child can always be compensated by the access to more expensive and sophisticated devices at home, where they can be used without the risk of loss and damage.

s. In the first place is not Made In, Made By, that is who, not where the device. It is clear that in addition to market leaders, there are a large number of Chinese companies producing smartphones. The dominance of one of the Android operating system and the availability of standardized components for smartphones in the global market greatly reduced in recent years, the threshold of market entry for manufacturers. But only among Chinese companies, there are new and different in its capabilities the players. For example, companies such as Huawei, Lenovo (which now owns the right to use the trademark Moto), Xiaomi or ZTE are global players. Their products are certified in our country and sold officially. To say that buying a more expensive brand reduces the risk of failure, it is not quite right — any broken phones. The difference may be more in the service, which will have to face. And this is another reason to buy the phone legally sold in Ukraine. Simply put, it is more important to pay attention to the warranty and who provides the store or manufacturer. Second, of course, much better and safer.




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