How to make an Android app from the mobile version of the site

For anybody, not a secret that the number of Internet users is coming into the network from smartphones, growing from year to year, and will improve for several years. That would be enough for this audience must have not only a mobile version of the website, but the app (and the presence in social networks, in fact, but now not about it). And if the mobile version of the site now either integrated into popular CMS or quite easily be added to their functionality, with applications increasingly tricky. If you’ve concluded that your site needs a mobile app, you can go the right way – make the API through which the application will request data from the website, to order design and programming applications… But it is quite expensive, and not all sites are what would make the app correctly. If there is no money/desire/time to create a regular app, you can go simple way – make the application from the mobile version of the website.

To create an Android application we need:
Mobile version of the site with a separate address
Online service for building mobile applications
I requested a place on DLE, that is, the mobile version of the website I have available at – http://site.EN/?action_skin_change=yes&skin_name=smartphone . The method of implementation described below is suitable for any engine – the main thing is that the mobile version had its URL, or that the website used responsive design (the site looked normal, not high resolutions).

As an online service for creating Android apps and I chose the service AppsGeyser – the free service (if you don’t mind a link to the service tab On the app and, most likely, advertising line (I have not yet appeared, but the service is referred to)), is quite clear and, most importantly, creates a working as it should the app 😉 ! In Service, you can create an application from the website (which I did), RSS stream (I did not), it is possible in HTML and js to write a code that converts service to the app (there is still a lot of blanks applications, but not for our purposes).

In General, go to the service, click Create Now, choose Website, fill in the fields (it’s pretty simple) and click Create App.

In the second step we pass a simple registration, fill it with screenshots (you can download the app, install on your device and make screenshots, then pour them) that is saved by clicking Submit.

You can now search the settings to test the application you created. When ready, go to the tab DISTRIBUTE and publish your app in Google Play (you can not do that and spread the app through AppsGeyser (where the page is created with your app), but by default, Android cannot install is not the native store, and not all users will agree to put the application from third-party sites). All the fun starts on the fifth step – Create you Developer Account. To register in Google Play as a developer, you need to pay $25 to any card.

Check in Google Play has not caused me trouble, if managed with the creation of applications that can handle registration. After registering to add your app description, logo, screenshots, specified age restrictions, category, contact information, put up the price (free) and shake – Publish. All in a few hours your app will be available in Google Play.

To increase the reach of the audience, you can find catalog sites with reviews on mobile applications, for example,

Prepare a quality text-review of your application. And add links to Google Play or iTunes.

After that, you must inform your site visitors that you have Android app:

Published news on the website and in the social.networks with a link to the application page in Google Play or on the AppsGeyser QR code.

Make the website a pop-up window for visitors coming from Android devices (from AppsGeyser has its code for this, but it is not in Google Play, and on their website).
Monitor the number of installations and usage (statistics are in AG and GP), for easy tracking of hits on the site through the app to Yandex Metrica or Google Analytics is added at the stage of application creation UTM codes to the URL of the website (don’t forget to postcodes statistics systems in your mobile template).

Its first app, created for such a scheme, I published on Friday, haven’t advertised it, but want to redo everything:). Today and tomorrow will flood the new version, I shoveled the default template for smartphones from DLE and began to promote your app – look at the results;).

And you ever did a mobile app for your website? What for this user?

Top Ways to Keep your Computer from being Hacked

Storing data in digital devices is generally preferred to cloud storage because they are thought to be the best storage options. But many people understand that the data can be hacked and someone might get access to your information. Your contact information and photos can be as valuable as your bank details to the hackers. There are dozens of ways by which hacking can happen. There are also dozens of ways that can help you to prevent your computer from getting hacked. Here are a half dozen great tips that would surely save your device from getting hacked.

Keep your software and browser updated

A vulnerable spot is what the hackers look for. They would not waste time in struggling with a robust security system and rather be happy to make victims out of weak devices. Not keeping your OS and browser updated is one of the reasons you can be a hacking victim. You are always prompted to perform the most recent updates, and you need to follow these notifications, and the job is done. It is very simple, and too big a deal to ignore. If you use the Windows OS, get the most recent updates from the official site of Microsoft’ while for Mac OS, you can go to Software Update from the top left of the screen.

Install a Firewall

The firewall controls threats like viruses and hacking attempts. You can customize the firewall settings to suit your needs. You can adjust the settings to determine the flow of data from the internet to your computer. Keep changing this setting to ensure you have complete security.

Secure passwords and changing them frequently can help

For all of your accounts, it is best to use a lot of different passwords. Make use of special characters, numbers, caps and small letters. Do not use names, birthdates, and other easy stuff for your passwords. Keep them long and complicated. Also, keep changing them frequently. A hacker need not be an online stranger, but even the person sitting next to you can try to hack your computer. So, do not use details that are commonly known as passwords.

Use best Antivirus Software

Using the best antivirus software can help. Though you have preinstalled software, ensure that it works efficiently. There is plenty of antivirus software that is known for its efficacy. A computer that has viruses already is a natural environment for hackers.  You need to ensure that the antivirus software in your system is set to get virus definition updates automatically. You can ensure this by making changes in the program’s preferences.

Install anti-spyware and anti-adware programs

Though the adware and spyware do not make you a direct victim of hacking, it makes it easy for the hackers to access your stuff over the course of time. They actually survey the behavior of your internet connection and let the sites place ads on your computer. You will be gradually noticing that your computer has slowed down and that its performance is affected. Your passwords are copied by the spyware, and they can pave the way for your computer being hacked. Download and install the anti-adware and spyware programs to keep your computer’s internet behavior and passwords safe.

Do not respond to emails from unknown sources

Most of the times, the hackers will try to hit the computer through emails. So, do not open mails from unknown sources. Ensure that you always know the source or any materials you want to open or download. Next, you need to be sure that you send any emails declaring you as the winner of a random lottery or the inheritor of lots of fortunes straight to the spam mail folder. Most of the email services have auto scan option for attachments, so do wait till the scan is completed.