Believe it or not, technology is advancing at a rate we cannot imagine. From days having the need of using pigeons to send mails, we have reached an era where even the family history of a person can be found within seconds using the power of internet. A service we will be talking about in this post made use of such integrated power, and currently has become a miraculous application for looking up personal details of people, for all major platforms including Android, Windows Phone OS, BlackBerry, Symbian,and  iOS. Imagine what a mess we would find ourselves in, if we could find the mobile number of people by simply looking up their names. We are going to reveal a way using which you can actually communicate with a person you want to, by using their name and nothing else. Here’s more, right after the jump below.

Some time back we published an article on how to find the name of a person using their mobile numbers. Now, the developers of TruCaller have released a much advanced application, after their app and service went viral across various countries in the world. The app now let’s you get in touch with people by searching their names, and requesting their mobile numbers. Simply follow the tutorial below.

# First of all, you will need the latest version of TrueCaller for your smartphone.

# Next, launch the application on your smartphone. We used the app on iOS, and you should find a similar interface as below.

photo 1

# Now search for the name of person you wish to contact, by entering the name in required box.

# Once you see the results, select the contact until their profile loads. You will see a TrueCaller score as well on their profile which is an indicator of how popular a mobile number is among all users.

# Hit the Contact button. Now here comes the sad part. You need to have at least 1000 credits to contact one person. Those who desperately wish to contact a person, they won’t really have any problem in paying 55 INR ($1 USD) to get their mobile number or to send them a text message.

That’s it. This way you can contact any one by simply using their name as a filter. Their phone numbers can be looked out, after of course mutual consent.

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