Speaking pictures, as the name suggests have a voice along with the image. It helps you communicate far more than a typical image. Whether you are married, in a relationship or have a crush, the speaking picture can help you send your message to your sweetheart. Here’s how you could harness the speaking pictures to take your love story to the next level.

  1. Adding loving sounds to the pictures can help you send your message across. Voxweb gives you an 11-second slot – which is pretty much sufficient to add any emotional message to your pictures, send it across during an emotional time and you would strike the gold. A healthy exchange of emotions is imperative to start a relation or strengthen it.
  1. Frequent Sound Pictures is groundbreaking, sending voice pictures, especially the one with puzzles, essentially helps them work hard to decode the message.
  1. Sometimes it can be hard to type something, at that time, you can just use an audio image and send the emotions over. It is dangerous to delay expressing your emotions. Audio breaks that barrier and facilitates free flow thereby helping you to get closer to your partner.
  1. Memories are preserved well when they have more vibrant dimensions. For instance, you could take an audio selfie with your partner or crush and share it with them on crucial occasion. That would develop more understanding and emotional attachment amongst you two.
  1. You might do a speaking picturathon whereby you can take continuous shots of photos together and compile an album and put it on the life portal of Voxweb. Once you put those shots there, both of you can look the pictures and go down to your funny and brilliant memories. All of this is as simple as it seems.

For all this, you would need the Voxweb app. You can download it for free of cost from Apple Store or Google Play. There is no charge for using this app. Nor there are any fees for taking, uploading or sharing images.

Voxweb is developed by an ambitious team of developers lead by Yash Mishra, an aluminous of the Indian Institute of Technology. It seeks to tap the huge gap that lies between videos and audios and seek to change this sphere.

Voxweb spends considerable resources on improving the user experience, and since its inception has made headways into people’s hearts and Smartphones. Currently speaking images is one of the most trending stuff on the internet. With so many people joining the new way of image sharing, you could be very sure that your crush or sweetheart uses one. If they don’t then you could always ask them to get onto the app for a delightful experience.

Nothing can substitute one on one conversation, but the audio images can do the trick as they add emotions with a perfect snap. Try it and see how it flares for you. Just like many others, you too might get charmed with its ability to transform your love life.

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