Enterprises across the globe are putting in money and resources to build apps. At this time, right from ordering food to communication, everything is done through apps. Now, there is one app called IIFL Markets that helps thrive on the stock markets as well.

Let’s first look at the features

  1. Markets Included: IIFL Markets, an app by India Infoline, covers almost all key market segments. These include – BSE, NSE, NCDEX, MCX etc.

2 Trading: Ability to trade across all the listed indexes buy IPOs etc. It also includes trading ideas, intraday trade calls etc.

  1. Notifications: Highly customizable, and can put price alert, trade alerts, news alerts etc for a particular stock or commodity.

4  Information: Intelligent clubbing of information at one portal. Right from key ratios to technical charting and key research reports, the app has got information directly connected to the stocks.

5  Reports: A 50-member strong full-time research team that compiles reports related to an individual stock. Currently, it features about 500 top companies across the stock markets.

6  Television: Videos, and live TV to update you with the best of the news. No need to use your browser or get onto YouTube to catch the action.

7  Message Board: So that you can explore user feedback.

But what is so noteworthy about this app?

  1. Intensive Pre-Launch Testing : IIFL market app was made a while back, but they did not launch it officially. It was a soft launch which selected individuals knew of. That helped India Infoline make their employees use the app in beta mode and recommend bug fixes  This was an unprecedented experiment, and as a result, the company was able to fix bugs by and large.
  1. Smart utilization: The app utilizes a lot of things well. For instance, it has dedicated servers that enable it to provide users a flawless experience irrespective of connection. It also has kept the app size balanced – therefore, a lightweight app with a lot of features.
  1. Design: The options in the app have optimized a lot of things. With the use of smart analytics, their development team was able to figure out places where options were needed. The app is designed to make things simple for people so that whether you or someone elderly in your family can easily navigate through the app.

All these are not exhaustive. There are many other factors that make up for a strong case of app’s success. So far IIFL is used by users across 1500 locations, which includes 160+ countries.

With all said, IIFL Markets has really braced up as a true alternative to the web. And even in the initial phase, it is getting over 80% positive reviews which just furthers the assertion that apps are the new age of handling stock markets.

You can download IIFL Markets for free of cost and start your journey to a complex stock market world today.

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