Tiny Owl — Best Suitable Option For All Your Tasting Buds Desires

Being an extremely connoisseur person, I usually plan my dinners and lunch outside at some restaurants in my college days. Now since I have started working in a multinational company I am unable to follow that routine always. I am thankful to Tiny Owl who has turned up as a savior for me in providing distinctive varieties of dishes at just one place without affecting my budget adversely. I am able to try out distinctive varieties of dishes matching with my mood swings and taste buds with the kind and humble services of Tiny Owl. The name of Tiny Owl is entirely synonymous with perfection in terms of best quality food, best suitable prices and outstanding services.

Convenient ordering experience with user-friendly App

I have significantly downloaded the outstanding application of this incredible online store for frequent orders on my android phone. This is really a fun-filled and user friendly application to use. Every time I place an order through this application, I achieve distinctive payback points to enjoy significant amount of discounts on the food ordered. This application is also supported with IOS operating system and offers a completely revolutionary experience of ordering the best foods of my locality. Every time, I feel like eating something special and delicious, the only option that comes in my mind is to visit the Tiny Owl app and order online from this app.

Explore the wide diversity of Options

Tiny Owl proves to be a significant companion for me every time I go out to some new destination. This extraordinary smart app finds my location and provides me with the complete list best restaurants available in that particular location. I can choose any of the suitable option matching perfectly with my choice and tasting bud without any difficulty. The best part about this online portal is that I can also avail distinctive suggestions in terms of best cuisine, best offers and discounts from their outstanding and extremely humble team of customer care.

Extremely Reasonable Prices

Some people find using this application too costly for food ordering. However, it is my personal experience, they have always charged very reasonable and value for service prices for all the orders. They don’t apply any kind of additional or service charges for their intermediary services. The original prices of the restaurants are applicable everywhere. In fact, their outstanding offers and deals have made my day. I have enjoyed a delicious and budgeted experience of world class cuisines through this application.

Overall Mind Blowing Experience

This extraordinary food ordering portal has also saved my reputation in front of my colleagues.

I invited them for dinner at my place but could not manage it at home. I immediately ordered the best food through Tiny Owl. They delivered the food within half an hour and with their incredible services, I maintained my own dignity in front of official colleagues. They food was really awesome which was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you Tiny Owl for your best in class support rendered to us in terms of delivering superior quality food at affordable prices.

How You Can Use Speaking Pictures To Take Your Love Story To The Next Level

Speaking pictures, as the name suggests have a voice along with the image. It helps you communicate far more than a typical image. Whether you are married, in a relationship or have a crush, the speaking picture can help you send your message to your sweetheart. Here’s how you could harness the speaking pictures to take your love story to the next level.

  1. Adding loving sounds to the pictures can help you send your message across. Voxweb gives you an 11-second slot – which is pretty much sufficient to add any emotional message to your pictures, send it across during an emotional time and you would strike the gold. A healthy exchange of emotions is imperative to start a relation or strengthen it.
  1. Frequent Sound Pictures is groundbreaking, sending voice pictures, especially the one with puzzles, essentially helps them work hard to decode the message.
  1. Sometimes it can be hard to type something, at that time, you can just use an audio image and send the emotions over. It is dangerous to delay expressing your emotions. Audio breaks that barrier and facilitates free flow thereby helping you to get closer to your partner.
  1. Memories are preserved well when they have more vibrant dimensions. For instance, you could take an audio selfie with your partner or crush and share it with them on crucial occasion. That would develop more understanding and emotional attachment amongst you two.
  1. You might do a speaking picturathon whereby you can take continuous shots of photos together and compile an album and put it on the life portal of Voxweb. Once you put those shots there, both of you can look the pictures and go down to your funny and brilliant memories. All of this is as simple as it seems.

For all this, you would need the Voxweb app. You can download it for free of cost from Apple Store or Google Play. There is no charge for using this app. Nor there are any fees for taking, uploading or sharing images.

Voxweb is developed by an ambitious team of developers lead by Yash Mishra, an aluminous of the Indian Institute of Technology. It seeks to tap the huge gap that lies between videos and audios and seek to change this sphere.

Voxweb spends considerable resources on improving the user experience, and since its inception has made headways into people’s hearts and Smartphones. Currently speaking images is one of the most trending stuff on the internet. With so many people joining the new way of image sharing, you could be very sure that your crush or sweetheart uses one. If they don’t then you could always ask them to get onto the app for a delightful experience.

Nothing can substitute one on one conversation, but the audio images can do the trick as they add emotions with a perfect snap. Try it and see how it flares for you. Just like many others, you too might get charmed with its ability to transform your love life.

How To Protect Your WordPress Blog Against Hackers And Spammers

I love WordPress, for the very basic reasons which involve comfort of publishing, managing and securing your blog or work line online. While I have been using WordPress for over 4 years now, I have literally seen the guys at WP updating their platform, and bringing the best to users all over the world. It’s incredible how WordPress in no time has changed the way we create and look up to the wide web, enabling even the not so ‘tech-savy’ people to create their own business lines online. Creating and updating your blog or website using WordPress is one thing, and securing it from spammers and hackers is another, which most webmasters tend to forget. Recently HostGator announced worldwide security threat imposed on WordPress blogs where thousands of WP blogs were compromised and hacked. Of course we don’t want you to lose out on your blog or website, and here is a security measure we recommend you to take, to protect your WordPress blog against hackers and spammers.

The very basic step includes changing your password regularly. This is a well known security measure recommended by all major technology giants like Facebook, Google and Yahoo! and changing log in password regularly is one of the best practices you can follow. Next is to protect your blog against hackers which stand a level ahead from you, i.e they are familiar with attacks like Brute Force and Cross Script Injection. For that, we recommend you to use the following security plugins for your WordPress blog.

  1. Wanguard Plugin:

I have been using Wanguard on this blog for a while now, and the results are simply overwhelming. Wanguard is a security plugin for WordPress available for free of cost at the WordPress plugin store, and can be downloaded from the link below. It is a flawless plugin to combat spam user registrations on your blog just in case you allow multiple authors on your blog. The pluging communicates with its server which holds information of over 34,00,000 sploggers/spammers across the globe. So just in case one of them lands up on your blog, Wanguard will always stay on its guard to protect your blog!

  1. Limit Login Attempts Plugin

This is just another plugin we recommend you to use, to make your WordPress blog secure and spam-free. Now there are times when some hackers attempt brute force attacks on your blog, trying all possible combinations of password on your blog log-in page. Limit Login Attempts plugin will block a particular IP address after it has entered wrong password for a pre-defined number of times. Then, the hacker will not be able to access your blog log in page until the next 24 hours from that IP address. For instance, somebody tried to log-in to our admin area this evening, however after failed attempts, this plugin automatically secured this blog from the hacker. Here’s a sample e-mail I received from this plugin:

16 failed login attempts (4 lockout(s)) from IP:

Last user attempted: admin

IP was blocked for 24 hours

The plugin is easy to configure, and let’s you decide the number of failed log-in attempts before it locks down the log-in page. Well, the plugin worked really well for this blog, and we recommend you to try it on your blog as well to protect your WordPress blog against hackers and spammers.