How to make an Android app from the mobile version of the site

For anybody, not a secret that the number of Internet users is coming into the network from smartphones, growing from year to year, and will improve for several years. That would be enough for this audience must have not only a mobile version of the website, but the app (and the presence in social networks, in fact, but now not about it). And if the mobile version of the site now either integrated into popular CMS or quite easily be added to their functionality, with applications increasingly tricky. If you’ve concluded that your site needs a mobile app, you can go the right way – make the API through which the application will request data from the website, to order design and programming applications… But it is quite expensive, and not all sites are what would make the app correctly. If there is no money/desire/time to create a regular app, you can go simple way – make the application from the mobile version of the website.

To create an Android application we need:
Mobile version of the site with a separate address
Online service for building mobile applications
I requested a place on DLE, that is, the mobile version of the website I have available at – http://site.EN/?action_skin_change=yes&skin_name=smartphone . The method of implementation described below is suitable for any engine – the main thing is that the mobile version had its URL, or that the website used responsive design (the site looked normal, not high resolutions).

As an online service for creating Android apps and I chose the service AppsGeyser – the free service (if you don’t mind a link to the service tab On the app and, most likely, advertising line (I have not yet appeared, but the service is referred to)), is quite clear and, most importantly, creates a working as it should the app 😉 ! In Service, you can create an application from the website (which I did), RSS stream (I did not), it is possible in HTML and js to write a code that converts service to the app (there is still a lot of blanks applications, but not for our purposes).

In General, go to the service, click Create Now, choose Website, fill in the fields (it’s pretty simple) and click Create App.

In the second step we pass a simple registration, fill it with screenshots (you can download the app, install on your device and make screenshots, then pour them) that is saved by clicking Submit.

You can now search the settings to test the application you created. When ready, go to the tab DISTRIBUTE and publish your app in Google Play (you can not do that and spread the app through AppsGeyser (where the page is created with your app), but by default, Android cannot install is not the native store, and not all users will agree to put the application from third-party sites). All the fun starts on the fifth step – Create you Developer Account. To register in Google Play as a developer, you need to pay $25 to any card.

Check in Google Play has not caused me trouble, if managed with the creation of applications that can handle registration. After registering to add your app description, logo, screenshots, specified age restrictions, category, contact information, put up the price (free) and shake – Publish. All in a few hours your app will be available in Google Play.

To increase the reach of the audience, you can find catalog sites with reviews on mobile applications, for example,

Prepare a quality text-review of your application. And add links to Google Play or iTunes.

After that, you must inform your site visitors that you have Android app:

Published news on the website and in the social.networks with a link to the application page in Google Play or on the AppsGeyser QR code.

Make the website a pop-up window for visitors coming from Android devices (from AppsGeyser has its code for this, but it is not in Google Play, and on their website).
Monitor the number of installations and usage (statistics are in AG and GP), for easy tracking of hits on the site through the app to Yandex Metrica or Google Analytics is added at the stage of application creation UTM codes to the URL of the website (don’t forget to postcodes statistics systems in your mobile template).

Its first app, created for such a scheme, I published on Friday, haven’t advertised it, but want to redo everything:). Today and tomorrow will flood the new version, I shoveled the default template for smartphones from DLE and began to promote your app – look at the results;).

And you ever did a mobile app for your website? What for this user?

Find Phone Number Of Any Person By Just Using Their Name

Believe it or not, technology is advancing at a rate we cannot imagine. From days having the need of using pigeons to send mails, we have reached an era where even the family history of a person can be found within seconds using the power of internet. A service we will be talking about in this post made use of such integrated power, and currently has become a miraculous application for looking up personal details of people, for all major platforms including Android, Windows Phone OS, BlackBerry, Symbian,and  iOS. Imagine what a mess we would find ourselves in, if we could find the mobile number of people by simply looking up their names. We are going to reveal a way using which you can actually communicate with a person you want to, by using their name and nothing else. Here’s more, right after the jump below.

Some time back we published an article on how to find the name of a person using their mobile numbers. Now, the developers of TruCaller have released a much advanced application, after their app and service went viral across various countries in the world. The app now let’s you get in touch with people by searching their names, and requesting their mobile numbers. Simply follow the tutorial below.

# First of all, you will need the latest version of TrueCaller for your smartphone.

# Next, launch the application on your smartphone. We used the app on iOS, and you should find a similar interface as below.

photo 1

# Now search for the name of person you wish to contact, by entering the name in required box.

# Once you see the results, select the contact until their profile loads. You will see a TrueCaller score as well on their profile which is an indicator of how popular a mobile number is among all users.

# Hit the Contact button. Now here comes the sad part. You need to have at least 1000 credits to contact one person. Those who desperately wish to contact a person, they won’t really have any problem in paying 55 INR ($1 USD) to get their mobile number or to send them a text message.

That’s it. This way you can contact any one by simply using their name as a filter. Their phone numbers can be looked out, after of course mutual consent.

20 Best And Free Android Apps You Should Try In 2018

The Google’s OS is perhaps the best product from Google Inc. At least, its users are more than its Google+ social networking site! The best part of Android apps is that most of them come for free, a big thank you to its developers. No doubt Android OS is taking up major shares in the smartphone, and tablet market all over the world with an app store growing at an enormous rate every day. Out of those millions of apps, here is our hand-picked list of top 20 best and free Android apps in 2013 which you must try! There’s something unique about each one of them which sets them apart from other million apps available in the Google Play Store.

  1.    OnLive

Turn your android into a live gaming console with the OnLive app. The app will use Wi-Fi to stream video games and let you play seamlessly.

  1.    eBay

The latest version of eBay Android apps looks cool and sleek. These is a new PIN system with which you can shop on Android eBay and pay instantly via PayPal. The search features are awesome.

  1.    RD Mute

Ever wondered how to make your phone shut up? You have the RD Mute Android apps for this. It will turn off all sounds when you pick it up and turn it around.

  1.    Blogger

If you are a blogger using Google’s Blogger platform, this is a must have android app. You can upload posts, add images, add tags, do geo-tagging and make it live. However, do not expect fancy photo-editing features.

  1.    Endomondo

If you are somewhat of a fitness freak, use the Endomondo application. Whenever you are going for a walk or jogging, activate the GPS and let it track the workout. In the end, it will give you a map of distance walked, for instance, and share it on social networks.

  1.    Amazon Kindle

If you have an Amazon account and you are voracious reader, install the Kindle app as it works as an immensely satisfying e-reader which is seamlessly synched with the Amazon account. At present, not all publications are Android friendly.

  1.    Google Reader

Google recently released its app for Reader with some great functionality like multiple Google account support, optimization options and a volume rocker page.

  1.    iPlayer

If you want to follow BBC news and other updates, use their android apps, iPlayer. It brings their content on your phone seamlessly.

  1.    Tweet Deck

Avid Twitter users will love this app. The tool works wonderfully on Android. You can see direct messages, replies and timeline simultaneously. You can also access Foursquare and Facebook.

  1.  eBuddy Messenger

If you want to remain connected with friends and business associates all the time, use the eBuddy Messenger android app. You can incorporate MySpace, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ and Facebook chat on one interface.

  1.  Dropbox

Who doesn’t love Dropbox? Now you can have it on your android. It might not have swanky features seen on desktop and laptops but it still offers automated file storing and sharing. What more could you want?

  1.  SharePrice

It is not possible to stay online constantly and check out the share market. What you could do is install the Share Price android apps and monitor it incessantly. To access this, you need to have an account with

  1.  Catch Notes

Install this app, login with Google account and start jotting down notes. It is similar to the Evernote app. You can pin the notes on the home screen and share them online, anytime.

  1.  Path

If you are itching to try out a new social network, try Path. It is designed to communicate and share with friends in a more easy-to-use interface.

  1.  Yelp

Yelp android app is innovative. It has an augmented �?reality screen display’ that will show you recent and relevant social place reviews from your area.

  1.  Chrome

The most favorite of web browsers is on Android now. You need Android 4.0 to run this. The Chrome on Android can sync tabs, save pages offline, go incognito, bookmark pages and open unlimited tabs.

  1.  TED Talks

If you are a fan of TED Talks, install their android apps which gives you access to more than 1000 TED talks.

  1.  Netflix

If you are a movie buff, you could use the Netflix android app. Search and watch any movie online. If you sync it with a desktop, you can pick up where you left off and also share movie watching activities over Facebook.

  1.  Wikipedia

Access the mammoth reserve of human information on your Android now with the Wiki app. The interface is simple, location tracking enabled and offline option to read information later.

  1.  Outlook

If you are a Hotmail or Outlook email user, you can use this app. It has a clean and simple interface with push notification and ability to jingle multiple email accounts.

3 WordPress Practices To Give Your Blog A Professional Look

This is a guest post by Olga. If you wish to write for Gadgec, kindly navigate to our author guidelines page here.

WordPress is more than a blogging platform. With a framework and a theme, it can become a content management system for most any type of site. Because of that, it’s increasingly being implemented as a way to streamline the process of site administration for site owners and as a way to reduce the costs of site development. There are several ways that WordPress can improve an existing website, and here are top 3 ways to give your WordPress blog a professional look, right after the jump below!

Frameworks and Themes

Frameworks allow just about anybody to control a WordPress site. They simplify the process of making changes to pages, adding content, removing content and performing other tasks. Premium WordPress themes are oftentimes built on frameworks that allow the user to switch between different themes without changing the content of their site. The underlying framework generally includes an options panel where the user can make changes to their site by simply selecting from check boxes, drop-down menus and so forth.


In many cases, WordPress themes can be enhanced with features such as contact forms, galleries, tabbed browsing sections and other elements by using simple technologies such as widgets. Plug-ins provide functionalities, as well. These technologies are designed to be modular, meaning that you simply add them to your WordPress installation and they function as intended. This means that you don’t have to change code to improve your site in the vast majority of cases.


Some businesses that have sites designed by developers that don’t use content management systems end up with what amounts to a series of pages that all have to be updated individually at the source code level. If the site happens to grow a great deal, this can add a tremendous amount of money in development costs to the maintenance and design of the site. Most WordPress themes are scalable. Using page templates, content can be added easily and it will be formatted in a consistent manner compared to the rest of the site.

With WordPress underlying a website, it’s very easy to expand the size and scope of it. It’s also very easy to change navigation between sections, to add and remove features and to add enhancements that are pure eye candy, such as sliders and carousels.

Having a site converted over to a WordPress-based site is generally not as complex as it may seem on the surface. More often than not, it’s only a matter of porting the content over to the WordPress platform and from that point, further changes are vastly streamlined.

3 Basic Apple iPod Touch Tips And Tricks You Should Know

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When you are in need of listening to music or any audio/video file, and you do not want to turn your laptop on or the radio on, you can just pull out your media device from your pocket and enjoy non-stop music playing on the iPod touch. The iPod touch is a good device that allows you not just to listen to music, but also watch videos, connect to the internet, use the device in place of many other gadgets due to the availability of apps and so on.

The iPod touch is available in its newest version in the market in a price starting from 299$ and so on. The device looks just like the iPhone except that it does not have telecom services compatibility. However, with the help of online facilities for Skype, Oovoo, GTalk and MSN messenger etc, you can communicate as well. The iPod touch is a media player that can store around 40,000 media files along with the ability to capture 40 hours of a regular video film. You can also use it in place of your house assistant and look for cooking recipes and stuff on it with Wi-Fi facility so you can surprise your family each day with new dishes.

For the iPod touch, you need to note down some good tips so that you can utilize the device fully. As it is a new version, you need to make sure that you know every inch of it, and the manual will not help much as it does not tell you about the hidden features. Before you buy it, make sure you are capable of protecting it, as it is a very delicate gadget. Buy the iPod touch cases and covers to make sure you are ready to adopt it. The tips are as under:

1) Turn the auto-brightness feature on from its settings menu under the device management tab. This way you will be able to save the battery life much. The light is one way to enhance the use of the battery for long. The auto brightness feature will adjust the exposure of the screen while in any frequency of light you are in so there is no glaring affect from the screen and that you are able to see what you are doing clearly on your iPod even under the dimmest of light or under the heavy sun.

2) Keeping the Wi-Fi turned off at places you do not want to use the internet connection is another way to keep the iPod awake for long. As the device will only connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot when it is available and you know it, then just turning off the automatic scanning for the Wi-Fi every other minute will be good for your device. In addition, you can save your device form automatically connected to a spambot and getting data transferred automatically without you knowing about it so the device will be safe as well.

3) Make the iPod touch safer for children as they may be able to do a lot with an online connection on the iPod. You can disable the features of buying apps from iTunes and signing out of the apple account. You can also put restrictions on the iPod usage by downloading safety apps that may lock certain features of the iPod as well. In the settings menu you can do all this stuff. Explore the settings menu for restrictions.

For more tips, go online, there are any books online for free that you can get from iTunes easily for the tips and the hidden features’ usage for the iPod. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!