FIFA Soccer


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FIFA Soccer review

FIFA 2021 is a football simulator that turns you into a manager or the whole soccer team of your choice. The FIFA 2021 game was created by Electronic Arts in 2020. The FIFA 2021 download process is simple and available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms, as well as PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.


Let’s start the FIFA 2021 review with a description of its advanced gameplay. Compared to other games in the series, FIFA 2021 soccer game is filled with numerous improvements. It is the 28th game in the FIFA world, and you can finally build a professional career as you want. Among the major improvements in FIFA 2021 full game are:

  • Over 100 legendary players, including celebrities like Fernando Torres, Philipp Lahm, and Eric Cantona;
  • You can play co-op mode with your friends and compete against each other, take part in squad battles, or start Friendlies. Together you can unlock more rewards;
  • You may enter the game and leave it whenever you want without the need to wait until it is over;
  • FIFA 2021 gameplay offers an improved system of training and development of each player based on his unique skills;
  • Mobile FIFA 2021 free-to-play version provides the ability to take part in weekly challenges of your favorite players. Master your skills to receive your favorite player in reward;
  • There is a new championship you can take part in. It is called Division Rivals.


FIFA 2021 game is a first-person simulator with incredibly realistic graphics. You will quickly recognize your favorite players. Developers paid attention to every detail in the game, making graphics incredibly vivid and well-produced. The matches look realistic with the copies of stadiums from around the world. You can play the FIFA 2021 Android game on your phone, enjoying your favorite teams running around the soccer field of famous stadiums. The high-quality graphics do not freeze no matter how fast you are playing.

Lasting Appeal

There is no one linear story in FIFA 2021 soccer simulator. And yet, you can choose to build a career as a football manager or make your football teams world champions. There will be a wide range of matches on your way, and you still have to prove that you are the best by mastering your skills. Once the game loses the appeal you can take part in weekly tournaments or ask your friends to play co-op with you, competing against the team.


FIFA 2021 latest version is not the same on every platform. Many players agree that it is easier to play FIFA 2021 game on PC, rather than on iOS or Android. It is only natural that you need to train twice harder to be able to compete against PC owners from your Android device. However, if you master your skills, there will be no difference for you. The interface is clear, and you don’t have many indicators on the screen that distracts you.


  • All your favorite players
  • Realistic graphics
  • More opportunities for managers
  • Weekly tournaments


  • Predictable and repetitive actions


After you download FIFA 2021 on your device, you can become a manager of your favorite team. Make sure you can lead players to victory.

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If you want to become a skillful soccer player, you may start your training with the FIFA 2021 game online. It is free of charge, easy to play, and you can ask your friends to join you. This is a perfect game for everyone who loves soccer and wants to see their favorite players on the screen or even play with them on the field. It has high replay value since there are numerous challenges. Before you take part in any tournament, make sure you trained your team.