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Fortnite review

Fortnite is one of the most popular action games since 2017, but it still brings bright emotions and adrenalin to the players by opening new chapters and seasons of the game. You’ll never play two identical scenarios and will have fun solving new challenges.

Game Details

The main task of this game is to become the winner in the royal battle with 100 other players. For that aim, you will have to survive: build shelters and towers, move around in vehicles in search of supplies, and a good weapon. You will explore the island, shoot the enemies, and navigate your way across the map. All the visible objects of location can be destroyed or used by you on your needs and interests.

You can play this game alone, in pairs, or in a team with your friends. Team game will be more challenging as you’ll have to find locations with more weapons and supplies for all team members, but at the same time, it’s much more fun! You can chat with your friends during the game, comment on your fails or success, and give the advice to reach better results. While passing the game, you meet not only regular chapters of it but face seasonal events, which fuel the fun.

Controls 4/5

You’ll learn how to control the game fast and easily with the help of virtual buttons. Touching on the screen the virtual joystick, you will make your character run, jump, and also move quiet in case you hide. If you tap the screen lightly, you can change your weapon. There are also virtual buttons to have the review of the bag or switch into the construction mode.

Care for Replay? 5/5

Since Fortnite is сonstantly developing, you will never be bored to replay it again. Each separate game is unique, plus you will enjoy new weapons created and new looks for your avatar. Updates of gameplay modes and seasonal events will keep you always interested.

Visual Aspect 5/5

This game has its own graphic style that might seem not perfect for those who prefer a realistic look. The characters and surroundings are more cartoon style, but in my opinion, it makes the visual aspect only brighter and more expressive. The amazing variety of characters' appearance, high accuracy of small details, and bright colors make the graphics really nice.

Sound 5/5

You won’t have a chance to enjoy the background music in the game just because the sound here is the part of strategy and survival. Epic Games created for the Fortnite special sound of steps. So if you listen carefully to the sound difference, you can determine the direction of other players and also mask your own location when walking slowly.

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Fortnite was always a fantastically interesting game, but after it became available as a mobile application, it’s even more exciting! Now at any place and time, you can dive into the world of a mysterious island, improve your battle pass, kill all the enemies, and win your royal fight. I highly recommend it!