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Gang Beasts review

Gang Beasts is a game where you play as one of many colorful characters and fight your friends in a melee battle. The game is like a mix of wrestling, boxing, and street fighting, and it's really fun. Gang Beasts is a game that encourages players to beat each other up with whatever they can find. Gang Beasts has a very simplistic style to it, the only goal is to beat the other player up.

Gang Beasts is an upcoming indie fighting game developed by Boneloaf. The game revolves around the player’s ability to pick up and throw various objects and combatants. The game has been described as a “furious multiplayer game of fighting, wrestling, and chasing,” and is inspired by old English board games such as Piggy in the Middle and British Bulldog. 


You can play either one-on-one or up to four players. You can play as a team, but no matter what, you need to fight for yourself. When you are fighting, the goal is to use your fists, feet, or weapons to knock your opponents out of the ring. There are a lot of weapons in this game, including chairs, chainsaws, and fire extinguishers. There are two modes in the game:

  • The first mode is the classic deathmatch, where you need to kill your opponents.
  • The second mode is the Gang Beasts mode, where you need to knock your opponents out of the ring.

Gang Beasts has a very simplistic style to it, the only goal is to beat the other player up. The game is split into rounds, depending on the game mode. After each round, the weapons in the arena change. For example, if the round is a Free-For-All, then the weapons in the arena will be objects such as boxes, buckets, and frying pans. One of the most memorable features is the throwing of opponents, it is one of the ways to knock an opponent out.

The gameplay of Gang Beasts is somewhat similar to the gameplay of Super Smash Bros. The player grabs opponents and throws them at other players, into hazards, or off the stage. It is also possible to beat opponents by knocking them down and then pressing the space bar to stomp on their heads. 

Gang Beasts offers a selection of game modes, which include a one-on-one fight, a free-for-all fight, and a tag team match. The game features a number of different levels, which include a traditional wrestling ring and a kitchen.

The game also offers a number of different characters, which include a chicken, a pug, and a young boy.


The graphics in this game are really awesome. They are colorful, and the characters are really lively. It's really easy to see your opponents, and the animations are so cool.


There are a lot of things that you can do in this game. You can find new characters, unlock new weapons, and play different modes. You can also play the game with your friends, so it never gets old.


  • You can play with your friends
  • The game is really fun
  • The graphics are awesome
  • The animations are cool
  • The game is really easy to learn
  • It's easy to find new weapons and unlock new characters
  • There are two different modes that you can play


  • It's hard to find people to play with
  • The game can sometimes lag and glitch
  • Sometimes it's hard to find a match
  • Sometimes you get into matches where people just quit
  • The game is hard to understand for beginners
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The game has been in development since 2013, and it is still being worked on. The game is being developed by Boneloaf, a London-based game studio. It was first announced by lead designer Ed Orman in a forum post on the Something Awful Forums. The game has been developed in Unity.