Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games

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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has firmly carved its place in the annals of gaming history. With a whopping 160 million copies sold since its initial release, it's more popular than some gaming consoles themselves. Despite being a decade old, it continues to mesmerize with its expansive open-world experience, detailed narratives, and gripping action sequences. This review will focus on the recently enhanced version's Story Mode.

The Gameplay: Thrills On and Off the Road

GTA V's gameplay is a blend of precision, excitement, and variety. The driving sequences are a joy to experience, offering a sense of speed and control that's hard to match. On the other hand, the combat sequences can be intense, especially when the game's aggressive snap-to aiming is turned on. These sequences can escalate quickly, keeping you on the edge of your seat. However, flying sequences could use some improvement and often feel like an unwelcome distraction.

The Story: A Dark Comedy of Errors

The narrative is another strong point of GTA V. Its satire-heavy storyline follows three protagonists, who, despite their flawed personalities, manage to draw you into their world. It's akin to watching an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where the antics of these characters keep you engrossed without necessarily rooting for them. Over time, these characters evolve, and their world starts to feel real. However, the narrative could benefit from a better falling action as the choice of ending feels abrupt right after the final heist.

Graphics: A Step-Up, but Not Perfect

Rockstar Games has done a commendable job upgrading the game to suit modern gaming consoles. GTA V runs at a smooth 60fps, making gameplay feel like a dream on large screens. The bug fixes, lighting upgrades, and improved resolution bring a fresh lease of life to the game. However, the character models are starting to show their age, lacking the expressiveness we've come to expect in newer games.

Features: A World Bursting with Life

The real star of GTA V is its environment. The sprawling city of Los Santos and Blaine County are packed with details that add depth to the game. They feel alive and dynamic, adding authenticity to the gameplay experience. However, the much-anticipated online mode has overshadowed the single-player experience, prompting the cancellation of planned expansions.


  • Smooth and exciting gameplay;
  • Satire-heavy narrative with well-developed characters;
  • Upgraded graphics and resolution;
  • Lively and detailed environments;


  • Flying sequences can be troublesome;
  • Character models showing their age;
  • Abrupt narrative ending;
  • Single-player expansions canceled due to online mode;
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Despite its age and minor flaws, Grand Theft Auto V remains an exceptional gaming experience. The enhanced version breathes new life into this classic, making it worth revisiting for both new and existing fans.