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Resident Evil Village review

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror for everyone who loves the Resident Evil franchise and Ethan Winters. This is the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The Resident Evil Village game was developed and published by Capcom. You can download Resident Evil Village on PC, PS, and Xbox.


Ethan Winters is a magnet for supernatural evil creatures no matter where he is. And now, Resident Evil Village gameplay brings him to the village somewhere in Eastern Europe that reminds us of Transylvania and vampires. We can’t leave the Resident Evil Village review without mentioning that this is another rescue mission of Winters. After he saved his wife, he needed to save his daughter. This time, he has to stand against the evil family of vampires in the castle, Karl Heisenberg in the factory, powerful ghost-like Donna Beneviento with her puppet, and a merman Salvatore Moreau. And they are not even the main evils in the Resident Evil Village game. All four houses respond to Mother Miranda.

The main goal in the Resident Evil Village PC game is to fight all four houses and find the daughter. There will be numerous obstacles on your way and an incredible number of mysteries to solve. This is the Resident Evil Village horror from the first-person perspective, so prepare to get scared. If you have played the previous part of the game, you will meet familiar enemies like Chris Redfield.


Resident Evil Village full game is one of those rare exceptions when the amazing graphics become a curse, especially if you are easily scared. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend spending some time and wandering around these gorgeous landscapes that bring you to the Victorian era and atmosphere of Dracula’s tale. Resident Evil Village unblocked version is for 18 years old players only due to the high level of violence and highly realistic graphics. There are specific Resident Evil Village install demands, including AMD Radeon RX 5700.

Lasting Appeal

Resident Evil Village latest version offers a linear plot. You have to follow the story while being able to choose the quests. Meanwhile, after you fight all the bosses and meet with the major one, you will know the whole story. You can still come back to it from time to time and even try the multiplayer mode with six more players. Yet, to play the Resident Evil Village online game, you have to stay connected to the Internet.


Controls in the Resident Evil Village game are not that difficult. If you have ever played similar games or one of the Resident Evil series, you may know what to do. You will interact with other characters in the game. If you play multiplayer mode, you will need to talk to your team. Don’t forget to check your indicators in the game. Follow the story, and you will quickly learn what to do.


  • Outstanding landscapes
  • Four different monsters to compete against
  • Favorite characters
  • Well-developed plot


  • The game is not free of charge


Download Resident Evil Village if you want to fight against evil and save a child running around a mystical village.

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Resident Evil Village is a well-developed game with beautiful graphics and a unique plot. You meet your old friends and enemies in the game. Your major task is to save your daughter and survive. The game has multiple side quests and an atmospheric world to explore. Prepare to get scared by a wide range of supernatural creatures who want to kill you. The story has a linear plot and after some time you may feel that you know everything in advance. To keep the interest high, check out multiplayer mode.