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Granny review

Granny is a horror game that makes you afraid of your own shadow. This is a survival 1st person game which brings you to the creepy old house far from human civilization with locked doors and an evil villain insider. The game is available on the Android mobile platform.

Game Details 5/5

Granny game is mainly for people who want to be scared, feel the adrenaline rush, and check out whether they are capable of outsmarting the AI. Although, this game is for fearless people only who can act immediately and plan each step in advance.

The gameplay is simple and a little bit repetitive for horror stories. In the mobile version of the game, you will not see the plot, however, on a full PC version, the player starts the game with walking in the forest. He sees the house of Granny, where he is being attacked and locked in the old house. In the mobile version of Granny, you wake up on the bed and have to get out of this house without any noise or Granny will kill you. The floor is made of old wood which reacts on every step you make.

You will see the note on the wall from the previous victim of Granny. You have only five days to figure out how to get out of this house. On the fifth day, she will kill you.

Controls 4/5

If you want to survive in the game, you have to act even faster than you think. The game was originally created for PC owners. The Mobile version does not contain all features. Besides, you have to know how to navigate the game right from the beginning, or you will be dead in a second.

Care for a Replay? 4/5

You can choose different approaches to the game. There are multiple ways to get out of the house. However, you have only two options: you can either get out of there or get killed by a weird psycho. It is up to you which one to choose. After you finally outsmart the AI, the game will still be interesting for you but probably less scary.

Visual Aspect 5/5

There are no vivid and bright colors in Granny. Instead, all the colors you see are grey and brown with different shades. The Granny herself looks like a weird robot or a mix of creepy dolls and mummy from the sarcophagus. This game is definitely atmospheric. You will be able to explore the house and enjoy its horrible decorations.

Sound 5/5

Sounds match perfectly with visuals. They add a terrifying effect and make your blood run cold. The game would not be so interesting without greatly designed soundtracks. You can’t turn it off completely, even if it scares you. You will find out whether you make noises and attract Granny only by listening to your own steps.


Granny is one of the most interesting 1st person survival that you can find for Android mobile platform. The game is simple and yet requires complete concentration and ability to think clearly even if you are scared. The visuals match perfectly with the sounds. The game is free of charge but contains ads.