Dante Joins the Fight: Street Fighter: Duel Fuses with Devil May Cry Universe

Maisie Wharton


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An electrifying union between the Street Fighter and Devil May Cry worlds is set to captivate millions of gamers around the globe. Street Fighter: Duel, developed by Capcom, TopJoy, and Crunchyroll Games, has amassed an impressive following of over 4 million registered players since its February release. The thrilling mobile game is readying itself for a spectacular crossover event that will see an iconic gaming character join the fray.

Crunchyroll Games has confirmed to Game Rant that the Devil May Cry universe will collide with Street Fighter: Duel in a limited-time "Devil Invasion" event scheduled for May 11-24, 2023. The event will take inspiration from the popular 2019 release, Devil May Cry 5 and is set to feature special missions, shop items, and intriguing cosmetics. Excitingly, the centerpiece of the event is the addition of Dante as an unlockable fighter.

During the two-week event, players will be able to participate in various exploration quests and missions and earn limited-time event currency. The specifics of Dante's gameplay promise to take inspiration from the distinct style of Devil May Cry. Unlocking Dante will unveil a unique combat playstyle, which includes the ability to transform into a powerful form using his Devil Trigger ability and perform the EX-move, “Power Smash,” designed to disrupt enemies and add depth to combat.

The narrative surrounding the crossover event sees Dante riding in on his motorcycle to assist Ryu and Chun-Li in thwarting M. Bison's plans to harness the power of the Qliphoth tree. With an unmistakable reference to DMC 5’s Qliphoth tree, the event promises to be an adventurous and rewarding experience that players will not want to miss.

In conclusion, Street Fighter is no stranger to high-profile crossovers, having made its mark in everything from Namco x Capcom to Super Smash Bros., Tekken, and more. As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the upcoming Devil Invasion event, fans may wish to reacquaint themselves with the Devil May Cry anime series and the Street Fighter 2 Saturday morning cartoon, both available on Crunchyroll. This exhilarating crossover is set to be an unforgettable gaming experience for fans of both franchises.