Is the Hogwarts Legacy Protagonist a Psychopath?

Maisie Wharton


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Have you ever been playing a video game and been so invested in a character that you suddenly realised that something was off about them? This is exactly what happened to the players of the recently released game ‘Hogwarts Legacy’. Upon further investigation, some players began to suspect that the protagonist of the game, whom you play as, exhibits psychopathic behavior. Let’s explore this idea and find out if it really could be true.
It’s easy to see why some people might think this. From his detached attitude and strange interactions with other characters, to his disregard for the law and acceptance of extreme violence, the protagonist of the game exhibits many of the hallmark features of psychopaths. For example, in his first potions class, he not only breaks into the teacher’s office but he then proceeds to use magic to decimate a horde of wizards and goblins. He also has little to no interest in relationships with his Housemates, and his interactions with other characters often seem strange or uncomfortable. 
Not only does the protagonist’s behavior lend itself to the idea of him being a psychopath, but his appearance also contributes to this interpretation. His facial expressions are often blank and emotionless, as if he’s completely disconnected from the world he inhabits. His animations are also robotic and unnatural, reminiscent of someone who can’t connect with others. 
It doesn’t help that the choices available to players don’t offer any real moral guidance. Unlike the Medieval morality plays that were adapted into the game, the protagonist has no clear individual characteristics. He simply exists, and we’re given the illusion that we’re able to influence him with our choices. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the case. 
By the end of the game, it’s clear that the protagonist’s behavior is rooted in something sinister and malicious. Despite his polite manner, it’s clear he has little to no respect for other people and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Whether or not the developers intended to make the protagonist a psychopath is open to interpretation, but it’s hard to deny that this is the impression the character leaves on players.