Respawn Prioritizing Cheater Bans with Anti-Cheat Improvement in Apex Legends

Sean Williams


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Apex Legends has seen a fair share of hackers and cheaters ruining the game. To combat this, Respawn has been issuing massive ban waves and implementing anti-cheat systems. Despite this, players have been urging the developers to do more and Respawn has responded by promising “very exciting” changes to prioritize cheater bans in the battle royale. 

Respawn has stated that they are actively working on improving the anti-cheat system. This would include more comprehensive and accurate detection methods, as well as smarter and faster responses. According to an EA representative, the developers are committed to “continuously work[ing] to ensure a fair and fun experience for all Apex Legends players.” 

To that end, Respawn has already implemented a number of measures to ensure a fair playing field. This includes a “report-a-player” function and an in-game cheating detection system. They have also recently rolled out an update to reduce the time it takes to detect and ban cheaters. 

The developers are also aware of the need to protect players’ personal information and to ensure that only those who deserve to be banned are punished. To that end, Respawn has stated that they are “exploring new ways to ensure cheaters are identified and removed from the game.” 

Respawn is dedicated to creating a fair and enjoyable experience for all Apex Legends players. The developers are taking measures to prioritize cheater bans, including improving the anti-cheat system and implementing new ways to detect and punish cheaters. With these changes, players can look forward to a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience.