Demystifying the Depths: Your Ultimate Guide to Conquering Destiny 2's Pit of Heresy Dungeon

Maisie Wharton


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Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion brought forth a plethora of new activities and challenges, with The Pit of Heresy dungeon being an intriguing addition. This mysterious dungeon is not only home to valuable armor and gear but also offers a chance to prove one's mettle in the depths of the moon's treacherous terrain. To unlock the Pit of Heresy, players must first complete the Deepening Wake questline obtained from Eris Morn, the primary quest NPC on Luna. As guardians delve further into the Shadowkeep content, the Nightmare Hunts and essence quests also await completion, supplementing the overall gaming experience.

The Deepening Wake quest requires players to engage in the Altars of Sorrow event and eliminate 20 nightmares. Completing the quest rewards them with tier III armor and a glimpse into the challenging world of the Pit of Heresy. While solo players can attempt this dungeon, it is advisable to venture into the depths with a fire team of three players, utilizing their unique skills and abilities.

Necropolis - Deciphering Symbols and Slaying Bosses

Destiny 2 Necropolis

Upon entering the Pit of Heresy, players will encounter a frightening landscape full of green symbols atop buildings, marking their objectives. The initial task is to locate and climb the tallest tower to discover three specific symbols that correspond to smaller towers scattered throughout the level. Each of these smaller towers houses a formidable Pitkeeper Knight that must be defeated to gain access to the room within.

Inside each room, players will confront one of three bosses—a Knight, a Wizard, or a Shrieker—immune to conventional weapons, abilities, and supers. The key to conquering these bosses is the sword dropped by Swordbearer Knights. Each boss has a specific weakness to a particular sword attack, making it crucial to strategize and coordinate with teammates.

Tunnels of Despair - Traversing Caves and Evading Ogres

Tunnels of Despair

With the three bosses defeated, players must navigate the Tunnels of Despair, avoiding traps and ambushes in their quest to overcome the mighty ogres that roam freely. The objective is to locate three caves and eliminate the yellow bar Knight guardians within, obtaining orbs in the process. By slamming these orbs near the designated doorways, players remove the protective runes and unlock the path forward.

Stealth and caution are essential in this section of the dungeon, as the ogres can deal devastating damage to unprepared guardians. Finding a balance between movement abilities and damage-dealing potential is the key to surviving this treacherous ordeal.

Chamber of Suffering - Holding the Ground Against the Curse

Chamber of Suffering

Upon reaching the Chamber of Suffering, players must stand their ground on a platform beneath a totem, contending with the stacking Curse of Suffering debuff. To counteract the curse, guardians must defeat Heretical Knights, collect the dropped orbs, and slam them near the totem. A total of six orbs are required to open the chamber door and advance in the dungeon.

Survivability and damage output are crucial in this phase, as players must withstand relentless enemy assaults while maintaining their presence on the platform. Adapting to the situation and utilizing powerful supers, such as bubble shields and wells of light, can ultimately turn the tide in favor of the guardians.

The Final Showdown - Facing Zulmak, Instrument of Torment

After surviving the harrowing ordeal of the spiked pits in The Harrow, guardians confront Zulmak, Instrument of Torment, in the ultimate battle for supremacy. Similar to the Necropolis phase, players must once again defeat the three smaller bosses, acquiring the necessary orbs to shatter Zulmak's invulnerability. Entering the green circle on Zulmak's platform will render him vulnerable to damage, opening a window of opportunity for guardians to unleash their most potent attacks.

Fast reflexes, formidable damage output, and a keen understanding of Zulmak's attack patterns are essential for success in this climactic encounter. Upon defeating Zulmak, players will receive a chest containing legendary armor, weapons, and a sense of triumph as conquerors of the treacherous Pit of Heresy.