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Mahjong Titan review

Mahjong Titan is a popular table game on your phone. You may have heard about Mahjong's glorious entertainment of Chinese and Japanese rulers. It is an ancient game that fascinated the minds of famous philosophers and players around the world. Mahjong Titan is available on Android phones.

Game Details 5/5

Developers of the game are still adding the number of free boards. For now, there are more than 1600 boards in the game. Players receive one new board every day. You may start from the very beginning, even without previous knowledge of how to play the game. The game is intuitive and contains numerous clues and detailed guidance.

 For your entertainment, there are 8 sets of tiles, from the classics to tiles with food. You may pick one and switch it once you got bored. There are 8 backgrounds that you can change as well, depending on your mood. There is a portrait mode for you.

The rules of Mahjong Titan game is the same as in classic Mahjong. You have to collect matching tiles or tiles with increasing numbers. Find the same symbols and pick the tiles from your friends. The game is even better than the board game as the symbols and pictures are visible and bright.

Controls 5/5

The main attention of the Mahjong Titan game is on the tiles, calculation, and strategy. You will learn how to navigate the game right after you join it. Every move is simple in the game, however, you need to understand that after you make it, there is no turning back. Basically, you have to move tiles, place them on different sides, and pick them from stock.

Care for a Replay? 5/5

Mahjong Titan does not have any specific plotline. The game ends after you, or your competitors gather the biggest tiles and reach the highest scores. However, you can always start a new game, and it will be nothing like previous. The game can hardly get bored, especially for those who love strategic games that require quick thinking and calculations.

Visual Aspect 5/5

While Mahjong classic game consists of white tiles with a symbol on its face, and a plain colorful back, the Mahjong Titan mobile game is significantly prettier. The symbols are colorful, the backgrounds are stylish. Drawings on the tiles look fabulous, no matter which design of the 8 offered options you pick.

Sound 5/5

Sounds in the game are not that important in the game. So, developers decided to make them light and calm. They will not disturb you. However, if you are bothered by the sound of new steps you make, you can easily turn them off. After some time in the game, even the quietest sounds can become a distraction.

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Mahjong Titan is one of the classic board games that was turned into a mobile game for the convenience of use. This game is interesting, never-ending, and is free of charge. If you are not bothered by the ads that may appear on your screen from time to time, you will like the game.