Bloons TD 6

ninja kiwi

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Bloons TD 6 review

Bloons TD 6 is a fun and crazy strategy where you have to protect monkey’s towers from colorful balloons. The game was created by ninja kiwi. It is a part of the popular series. Bloons TD 6 is available on the Android mobile platform.

Game Details 5/5

Bloons TD 6 has everything players want in the strategy and a tower defense game. You can choose various characters to play, go from one level to another, and destroy bloons that are threatening to you. There are 37 various maps that offer you a great change of scenery.

Besides, monkey’s towers are way better than in previous games in the series. They are more versatile. You can protect 21 towers. There are 2 new species of monkeys: one is druid, and the other is an alchemist. If you feel bored with the development of monkey towers, there are three different ways how to do this. Each monkey has 20 adjustments, which you can witness while making progress in the game. Each of these adjustments is unique. Every character has 2 active powers to destroy bloons.

Every tower can be improved. There are new bloons which you have not seen in previous games. There are rare monkeys available on higher levels of the game.

Controls 4/5

If you have played Bloons TD before, you already know how fast the dynamics of each game in series is. This one is no different. The situation is getting even more difficult since the Bloons TD 6 is a mobile game. Sometimes it is not that easy to hit bloons that attack you with a regular PC speed. However, the trickiest part is when you don’t see bloons because of numerous constructions on the way.

Care for a Replay? 5/5

There are numerous levels you need to go through before you win. And even after that, there are too many characters to try and too many specific superpowers you don’t want to miss. Besides, you can marvel at around 37 original maps. The game is fresh and full of surprises for players.

Visual Aspect 5/5

Bloons TD 6 is one of the most vivid games on the mobile platform you could have played. It has multiple attractions to heat up your interest. For example, there are cute monkeys to play with. Some of them may be familiar to you from the previous games, others are new. You can change how they look in the game. The maps and towers are worthy of checking out as well.

Sound 4/5

After some time inside the game, sounds in Bloons TD 6 can become a little bit annoying. And while they all match the picture perfectly, you may also notice that they are over intensify to make the game funnier or more active. It is up to you whether you want to lower the sound down or to turn it off completely, but make sure you are not distracted from the game.


Bloons TD 6 is one of its kind, despite being part of the series. It has unique characters, colorful and attractive maps, towers you need to defend, and an uncounted number of bloons to shoot. Show your creativity and destroy your enemy in the most interesting ways, protect the towers and save cute monkeys.