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The Higher Lower Game review

This is a quiz in which you have to guess which of the two requests is the most frequently asked in the Google search engine. What is more looked for Starbucks or Kim Kardashian? The game development which was made famous by letsplayer and blogger Pewdiepie.

Gameplay 5/5

The gameplay is to choose the correct answer: higher or lower. The screen is divided in half. In the upper half is a picture that will be the starting point in the quiz. There is a figure on it, how many requests were set in the Google search engine on this topic. The picture at the bottom of the screen is a request that will be compared with the previous one. In the main menu, the player is offered to open new sets of cards. The sets cover a variety of topics: pop culture, sports, geography, music, and more. The opening of sets of cards does not require microtransactions inside the application at all. Classic mode is a variety of requests specified in the Google search engine the previous month. The most interesting is that the results are directly related to Google statistics. For the correct solution of the quiz, it is necessary to think logically, reason and have sufficiently broad knowledge in various areas of life.

Controls 5/5

The game is controlled on a mobile device with the help of virtual buttons on the touch screen. Management is as intuitive and understandable as possible. The main menu offers a choice between several sets of maps. The main game is controlled by two virtual buttons: above and below. The correct answer is transferred to the upper half of the screen. If the answer is incorrect, the game ends.

Replay value 5/5

An exciting quiz that can be played for a long time. Constantly updated search engine queries allow the game to be not monotonous. Different subjects will allow players to find the direction of the quiz questions that they like best. And if you want something more difficult, it is possible to start testing yourself on a topic that is not familiar to you.

Graphics 5/5

The graphics in the game are at a high level. This is understandable! Pictures for the design of the game are taken from Google, so their quality is not worth worrying about. Beautiful thematic covers are drawn on the card sets.

Sound 4/5

There is no sound in the game. Therefore, the game gives you the opportunity to add your own music during the game or just play in silence. Perhaps it was a good decision to add unobtrusive music in an application that could be turned off at will.

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This quiz is a good timekiller. Interesting tasks, as simple as possible management, as well as various topics that cover all aspects of knowledge. The ratio of intuition, in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, as well as an interest in researching new information, will allow us to stay longer in this game. I can advise this game as good developing content. Now there are quite a few such games, but this game is a good representative.