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Scrabble Go is a word puzzle game for iOS and Android by Skopely. It features several gameplay modes and lets you compete in wits with players from all over the world. It’s the official mobile Scrabble, so it has everything that you can imagine and even more. You can download Scrabble Go for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

Game Details – 5/5

You probably know that the classic Scrabble is all about solving crosswords. Well, Scrabble Go is far more than that. The classic mode with official word dictionaries in expanded with a fast-paced competitive mode and several brand new word games. 

They include Word Drop in which you can search for words, Duels for competing with skilled players worldwide, Tumbler with creative anagrams, and Rush with a smaller board and a limited amount of time and turns. 

Play more to unlock new levels, earn boosts, and become more skilled. If you’re not ready for live competitions, train in the Practice mode to achieve the needed level.

Controls – 5/5

Scrabble Go is very simple to play on a touchscreen as the controls feature only simple moves, such as tap and drag. If the current task seems too hard, you can use a limited number of hints to solve them faster. The buttons and lines are broad enough so that you can play even on small displays. 

Care for a Replay? – 5/5

This game is frequently updated and already includes so many levels in different modes that you won’t ever have a shortage of content to explore. The puzzle builder is smart enough to avoid repetition, so you always have to think hard to guess the word.

The most replayable and immersive mode is Duels, as it lets you face real players who have the same level as you and sometimes higher to let you learn. You can even chat with your opponents while playing, which makes the gameplay even more exciting. 

Visual Aspect –5/5

A mobile puzzle game must be clear and offer fast navigation. Scrabble Go tackles this task with ease. The interface of the game is catchy and changes depending on the mode you choose, so it never gets boring. 

You can join the battle at any time of the day and enjoy the fair competition and unique puzzles every time. 

Sound – 4/5

The latest version of the game features a few generic soundtracks that are good enough for playing quietly on the background. Fortunately, you can disable the soundtrack in the settings and play your favorite music from another application.

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Scrabble Go is an excellent game for brain training and killing time on the go. You can play it both online and offline, so it’s always accessible. It’s also a good way to learn some new English vocabulary every day. Over 10 million players are already playing, so it’s high time to join. Embark on the journey in the League and enjoy winning big and facing more experienced opponents.