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Wordscapes review

Wordscapes is a puzzle crossword game for players who love to challenge their brains. The game is incredibly vivid, sometimes challenging, and simply fun. It is free of charge and available for the Android mobile platform. The game was created by PeopleFun, and downloaded by over 10 million people around the world.

Game Details 5/5

You have to gather the word pick connecting letters with each other in direct order. This game does not only help you to learn new words; it checks the fluency of your grammar knowledge. You start with incredibly simple words that may have 4 letters only. And while you progress, the tasks you receive are getting more and more complicated.

There are numerous crosswords you have to solve. You may never run out of it. There are more than 6000 crossword puzzles from various areas. You don’t need any specific knowledge at the beginning of the game. There are clues that you can use. The game progresses together with your progress. We recommend you to check out all the unknown words with vocabulary as you can meet them several times.

There are no characters and no linear story. You can start at a new level or repeat the same action twice. For each level, you receive scores. If you are a more competitive person, you can aim for the highest scores in the game.

Controls 5/5

Controls in Wordscapes are very intuitive. The game was originally created for the Android mobile platform, so you are already familiar with navigation basics. Besides, you don’t have much to do in the game as move your finger from one letter to another, which you believe must be matched. You will learn how to navigate the game in no time.

Care for a Replay? 5/5

Wordscapes game does not have any particular ending. After you earn the highest scores, you can immediately start to gather the new puzzle. This is a perfect way to improve your language skills, and the game can be treated rather as an educational tool. Yet, you can always challenge your friends and publish your scores competing against them.

Visual Aspect 5/5

The visuals in this game are more advanced comparing to similar crossword puzzles. You receive the ability to pick various fonts, which are all colorful and beautiful. They match big letters on your screen perfectly, which can be colored differently, up to your preferences. The connection between letters is bright and visible.

Sound 4/5

You don’t actually need any extra sounds in the game. Some of them may even distract you so you wouldn’t be able to concentrate. If you belong to this type of player, you can turn off any noises and focus on your task. Another option is to turn on your favorite songs. But you can always leave sounds from the game on.


Wordscapes game for Android smartphones and tablets is one of the most entertaining crossword puzzles on your phone. The game is simple in navigation and intuitive. You may change themes to make the game even more attractive. Each new level is teaching new words while you are playing.